Sports-related Concussion: When medicine and sport meet head on
Identifying the Types of Concussions The Symptoms of Concussion

The symptoms below may appear right away, or may not be noticed for hours, days, weeks or months before they are recognized to be concussion-related.6 No two concussions are the same, and each concussion will have its own set of symptoms and signs. As pointed out earlier, loss of consciousness is NOT required for a concussion to occur. Even years later, symptoms such as memory loss, movement disorders and even dementia may result from concussions, especially repeated concussions.

Loss of consciousnessBlurred visionDifficulty remembering
Seizures or convulsionsBalance ProblemsFatigue or low energy
AmnesiaSensitivity to lightConfusion
HeadacheSensitivity to noiseDrowsiness
“Pressure in the head”Feeling slowed downMore emotional
Neck painFeeling like you're “in a fog”Irritability
Nausea or vomiting“Don't feel right”Sadness
DizzinessDifficulty concentratingNervousness or anxiousness

From the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport (2009 and SCAT2 Resources)