Pharmacy Corner
Sunscreen: Stay Safe in the Sun What about vitamin D and natural sunscreens?


I was told not to wear sunscreen because of vitamin D.

When your body gets enough sunshine, it is able to make vitamin D.12 Vitamin D is important for your bones and teeth.12 We don’t know if sunscreen has a major effect on the vitamin D levels in the body.4

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you need vitamin D. If they say yes, then take a vitamin D tablet, which is much safer than spending extra time in the sun.

Should I take a natural sunscreen?

No, natural sunscreens have never been proven to protect you from the sun.

Another major concern with natural sunscreens – also called mineral sunscreens – is that they do not spread well and evenly on the skin.13 You need to be able to spread a sunscreen over your skin to get protection from the sun’s rays.13

If you have sensitive skin, look for products with the CDA-logo as these products are perfume-free and hypo-allergenic and are less likely to cause a skin reaction.2