Pharmacy Corner
Sunscreen: Stay Safe in the Sun Is indoor tanning safe?


Is indoor tanning safe?

No, indoor tanning is not safe.9,10 Indoor tanning is designed to give you a high amount of UV radiation in a short amount of time.9 The UV rays produced by tanning beds and tanning lamps can change your skin texture, cause wrinkles and dark spots, and cause cancer.9, 10 Even when the tan fades, the damage is still there.10 Getting a tan from a tanning bed does not protect you from the sun.9, 10 UV tanning lamps can be as dangerous as the sun, or even more dangerous.11 Every time you tan, you increase your risk of getting skin cancer.9


The use of tanning lamps has been associated with major skin cancers.

Does a “base tan” protect the skin?

No. There is no such thing as a healthy UV tan.9-11 A tan is the body’s way of responding to damage to the skin cells.9-11 This damage may permanently affect the skin cells and increase the risk of skin cancer and signs of skin aging.9-11 A tan does not protect you from the sun and should not be used as a method of sun protection.9,10