Pharmacy Corner
Sunscreen: Stay Safe in the Sun How do I properly apply sunscreen?


Apply sunscreen generously on all exposed skin. The average adult needs 1 ounce of sunscreen, enough to fill a shot glass, to cover the body, and 1 teaspoon to cover the face and neck.3,7

One of the biggest mistakes is not applying enough sunscreen. If you don’t apply enough it will give you very little protection against the sun.

Sunscreen should be applied 20-30 minutes before sun contact to give the skin enough time to absorb it.2

Protect your lips using a lip balm with SPF 30.2,7

How often do you reapply?

It is important to reapply sunscreen (and lip balm) throughout the day.3 Sunscreen should not be expected to work more than 2 hours without reapplication, regardless of SPF.3


Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.3

Reapply after swimming and sweating because swimming and sweating can wash off sunscreen.2-4