Pharmacy Corner
Common STIs – Anywhere but there! What happens when I get syphilis?

Syphilis usually causes painless sores to develop around your genitals. However, if you don’t treat the infection you may develop a rash, fever, swollen lymph glands, sore throat, patchy hair loss, headaches, weight loss, muscle aches, and fatigue2.

What should I do if I think I have Syphilis?

You should see your doctor if you experience any unusual discharge, sore, rash anywhere on your body, especially if it’s in the groin area5.

How is it treated?

Syphilis is cured by antibiotics. To avoid infecting your partner, avoid oral, vaginal and anal sex for 14 days after you start antibiotic treatment4. Follow up blood tests are done six and twelve months after treatment, to ensure the Syphilis is cured4.