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Common STIs – Anywhere but there! Common Questions - Herpes

How do I avoid getting herpes?

Using condoms during sex may help lower the risk of transmitting the herpes virus, but it will not get rid of the risk complelety4. A person is most likely to infect his/her partner when he/she has sex when there are active herpes sores. Even when the person has no symptoms, they can still transmit the herpes virus to his/her partner during intercourse.

What would happen if I don’t treat it?

If you don’t treat the herpes infection, it will cause more painful sores that can ooze and increase your chance of spreading to other sites of your body4.

Do I need to tell my partner(s)?

If you are diagnosed with herpes, you need to tell your sexual partner(s). It’s important that they know so that they can get tested.

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