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Seasonal Allergies How can seasonal allergies be prevented?
  1. How can seasonal allergies be prevented?
    • Although seasonal allergies can be best prevented by avoiding the allergens that cause your symptoms, is not always the easiest. Table 1 offers tips on how to lower contact with pollen.

      1. Keep doors and windows closed to lower the amount of pollen that gets indoors.
      2. Use an indoor cycling air conditioner.
      3. Check the pollen count every day between spring and fall. To check the pollen count online, visit
      4. Limit outdoor activities during times of the day when pollen levels are high. Normally, pollen levels are highest in the morning.1
      5. Shower after being outside to remove any pollen from your hair and body.
      6. Avoid drying clothes outdoors to prevent pollen from sticking to your wet clothes.

    • If you notice that you get seasonal allergy symptoms at the same time each year, you can prevent the symptoms by taking your allergy medications 1-2 weeks before they occur.