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Smoking Cessation: The Road to Quitting with NRT Resources

As mentioned before, one of the most successful ways to become a non-smoker is to use a combination of counselling, support and medications. There are many ways to get additional help. A great resource to consider is Smoker’s Helpline, which provides5:

Free Online Quit Programs

Available as self-directed or community support based quit programs

Phone or Text Support

You can receive free and confidential phone support (1-877-513-5333) with a quit coach or supportive messages on the go with your mobile device


Available with information to help you or a loved “One Step at a Time”

Family and Friends

By involving your family and friends, they can provide you with encouragement, help you avoid triggers, help you deal with cravings and help you manage your stress level. A helpful tip is to consider finding a “quit buddy”. A quit buddy is someone (does not have to be an ex-smoker) who you can consistently depend upon for regular non-judgmental support when you are having intense cravings, feeling stressed or just need to talk.

Online Resources

PDF version of Smoking Cessation: The Road to Quitting with NRT