Pharmacy Corner
Smoking Cessation: The Road to Quitting with NRT How do I begin?

To help you prepare yourself to quit smoking, start thinking of people, places or things that trigger a craving to smoke. Some examples are: drinking alcohol or coffee, feeling stressed and being around certain friends or family who also smoke. To help you find your triggers, create a cigarette tracker which will link the cigarette you smoked to:

  • The time of day
  • Your craving level at that moment (low, medium, strong)
  • What you were doing or who you were with
  • Your mood (i.e. angry, happy, bored, stressed)4

Did you know that even just writing down the cigarettes in a diary can help you cut back how much you smoke? Many people find that many of the cigarettes they smoke are because of habit and not because they really craved them.