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Migraines: What a Pain! What is a migraine aura?

An aura is a warning sign that you are going to get a migraine.2 It usually happens anywhere from 10-60 minutes before the migraine starts, usually never lasting more than one hour.1 People with an aura will commonly have vision changes such as seeing bright flashing dots or lights, blind sports, distorted vision, or wavy or jagged lines. They may also feel numbness or tingling, weakness, dizziness, or experience changes to their speech.1

Did you know?

Did You Know?

Only 15% of people with migraines have auras with their migraines.1

In migraine-sufferers who do not experience an aura, they often experience anxiety, depression or fatigue hours to days before the onset of their migraine.2 Everyone is different and some people will not have any warning signs before their migraine.



Everyone experiences a migraine differently.

Is it more common to have a migraine around menstruation?

Yes. A menstrual migraine is a specific type of migraine that happens just around menstruation. It is caused by the drop in estrogen levels right before women get their period.11 A menstrual migraine does not cause an aura and it often lasts longer than other types of migraines.11 It usually happens during the two days before your period and lasts for the first three days of your period.11