Pharmacy Corner
Let's Talk About Your Period When Should I See My Doctor?

Most of the time women don’t need to see their doctor for menstrual cramps but some women may need extra help. The following are reasons for seeing your doctor:

  • The pain does not get better in 1-3 months (3 menstrual l cycles) with over-the-counter pain relievers, and/or heat.
  • Your menstrual cramps started after you turned 25
  • Your cramps start late during your period or the pain lasts for more than 3 days
  • You have had problems with getting pregnant or have had ovarian cysts or inflammation of the pelvis
  • You don’t bleed when it’s time for your period to start

Prescription Medications


Usually the pain can be improved without needing a prescription medication. If you have tried heat and over-the counter anti-inflammatory medications and they don’t help, then you may need to see your doctor. They can try options such as other ant-inflammatory drugs or birth control (such as the pill). The best medication option for preventing period cramps and works in 90% of women is the birth control pill; therefore if you suffer from period cramps and you need birth control, this is an option that you may want to discuss with your doctor.8, 9, 10