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Let's Talk About Your Period PMS Symptoms

Symptoms of PMS can be put into three categories, mood, behavioural and physical. These can occur together or separately and can vary depending on the person.

Mood BehaviouralPhysical
Sadness Fatigue Bloating
Anger Food cravings and/or overeating Breast tenderness/pain
IrritabilityChanges in sexual interestAcne
Mood swingsTrouble sleepingWeight gain
ForgetfulnessTensionMuscle pain
Difficulty concentratingConstipation or diarrhea

PMS can be diagnosed by using a diary chart to log in your PMS symptoms you have and when they occur. If you get PMS symptoms for at least 2 menstrual cycles (once a month) and you a have at least a week where you have no symptoms, then it can be diagnosed as PMS. For a sample diary chart go to this link:

What Makes PMS Worse?

  • Smoking can cause a major increase in your PMS symptoms. If you smoke, quitting can make a major difference27
  • Stress and lack of exercise
  • Being obese28
  • Not getting enough vitamin D and calcium25, 26
  • Traumatic life events