Pharmacy Corner
Let's Talk About Your Period How do I Clean Down There While I'm On My Period?

Vaginal hygiene is actually very simple to do and is not only for when you have your period; it should be done every time you take a bath or shower. All you need to do is wash the outside of your vagina (the vulva) with regular soap and warm water. It’s preferable to use a mild soap that is good for sensitive skin to avoid any irritation and burning sensation down there. Also it’s important to wipe front to back after you’ve gone to the bathroom so that anything dirty you’re trying to wipe away doesn’t get into your vagina and cause an infection. But other than that there is nothing else to do! The vagina is self-cleaning that pretty much takes care of itself when it comes to hygiene.22

Myth: Douching is good for cleaning your vagina after your period

Douching is almost never recommended because it can harm your vagina instead of helping it.22