Pharmacy Corner
Low Back Pain When should I see a doctor?

When should I go see my doctor about low back pain?

Although most cases of low back pain is relieved after few weeks, it may be caused by more serious conditions. You should visit your doctor:4,5

  • When the pain is getting worse
  • If your pain is so bad that you cannot walk or move
  • When the pain goes below your knees
  • If there are signs of fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, or sweating
  • If you are 65 years of age and older and this is your first episode of low back pain
  • When you cannot control your ability to urinate
  • If you lose large amounts of weight and cannot find the cause
  • If pain is constant and does not go away after 2-3 weeks

Do I need to get an X-ray, MRI done for my back?5

Most people don’t have x-rays or other tests done routinely because most of the time, low back pain is caused by strains on the muscles and tissues which would not show up on an X-ray. Your doctor may order an X-Ray or MRI just to make sure you back pain is not caused by a more serious condition.

Aside from my doctor, who else can I seek for help?

There are many other healthcare professionals that can help with your low back pain. Some of these include:

  • Chiropractors, who can help restore the spine structure back to normal
  • Physiotherapists, who can create exercise regimens and provide education to strengthen your back
  • Pharmacists, who can help you choose the medication best for you and teach you how to take the medication and its side effects.