Pharmacy Corner
Lactose Intolerance Diagnosis

The most common way to figure out if you have lactose intolerance is to test yourself. If you’re having stomach and digestion issues, start a journal and record when you feel stomach symptoms. Also, keep a record of the food you’re eating, and when you’re eating it.

If you notice that you’re consistently getting signs of intolerance 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming anything with lactose, take your test to the next step! After consulting with your doctor, stop taking milk and milk products for 1 week. If your symptoms disappear, and then come back when you start taking milk products again, that’s a strong sign that you have lactose intolerance!7

Your doctor can also order a “Hydrogen Breath Test” to check you for lactose intolerance, although this is much rarer. Usually, an accurate journal is all you need!