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Vaginal ring

  1. Will the ring fall out?
    The ring will not fall out during regular activities, such as walking or physical exercise. It may fall out during intercourse or when pulling out a tampon; if it does fall out and it has been less than 3 hours, rinse the ring under lukewarm water and re-insert it as soon as possible.
  2. What should I do if I feel the ring inside of me or I have minor discomfort due to the ring?
    Once inserted, you should not be able to feel the ring inside you. If you do, then the ring is not inserted high enough and you should gently use a clean finger to push the ring further into your vagina.
  3. Can the ring get lost inside me?
    No, the ring will not get lost inside you. The ring can fall out, but it will not go in any further than the vagina.
  4. What should I do if it slips out and it has been more than 3 hours?
    If the ring has slipped out for longer than 3 hours consult your pharmacist or healthcare provider for advice. has a great tool that can help with rings that are not inserted or fall out.
    You can access it here → S.O.S (Stay on Schedule)

  5. What should I do if I forgot to take the ring out?
    As long as your ring has not been inserted for longer than 28 days (4 weeks), then you can remove the ring and have a 7 day ring-free break. You can then re-insert a new ring after 7 days. However, if the ring has been inserted for longer than 28 days, then you may not be protected and should get checked for potential pregnancy.2
  6. What are some common side effects I can expect while on the ring?
    The most common side effects are1,4:
    • Headache
      • Most often occurs during the ring-free week. Talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner if it is very bothersome
    • Breast tenderness
      • Tends to get better with time. Talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner if it is very bothersome
    • Spotting/breakthrough bleeding
      • Most often occurs within the first 3 months of starting the pill. Your bleeding should go back to a regular cycle as your body gets used to the patch
  7. Can I use a tampon while the ring is still inserted?
    Yes, a tampon can be used while the ring is inserted. Insert the ring first before inserting a tampon.

    Be careful not to pull out the ring with the tampon. If this does occur, rinse the ring under lukewarm water and re-insert the ring as soon as possible.
  8. There are two different expiry dates on my package; one that the pharmacist put and one that came from the manufacturer. Which one should I follow?
    The ring is only stable at room temperature for 4 months and will not work if used after the expiry date indicated by the pharmacist.7 Use the ring to the most recent expiry date, or 4 months from when you picked up the prescription.

    You should keep the ring at room temperature and throw it out after 4 months. The fridge at the pharmacy is set to a certain temperature and your fridge at home may not be set the same.