Pharmacy Corner
Head Lice: A Lousy Situation! Who gets head lice and how?

Anyone can get head lice, but it is more commonly found in school aged children5.

How did my child get head lice?

There are 2 common ways to get head lice:

  1. Head-to-head contact with another child with lice. This is the most common way for lice to move from one scalp to another. This is really common when children hug each other. This can occur at home, at school, in daycare, on the playground, and at sleepovers among many others.
  2. Infested objects can also spread lice. Coming in contact with combs, hats and pillow with the bug can spread lice. This is less common than head-to-head contact.

Lice do not fly or jump; they crawl – and are quick to do so!

Did you know: It is much less common to get lice from objects that have come into contact with an infested child’s head. An Australian study looked at the carpets of 118 classroom floors and found no lice, despite finding more than 14,000 live lice on the heads of 466 children using these classrooms7.

Can my pets give me lice?

No, your pets cannot give you lice. The bugs that give us head lice cannot be given to household pets.

Can lice carry diseases?

No, lice do not cause any diseases9. They are more of an annoyance than anything else.