Pharmacy Corner
Head Lice: A Lousy Situation! What can I use to treat it...continued
Why do I have to do another treatment in 7-10 days?

Although these agents are very good at killing lice that have hatched, they do not kill all the eggs entirely. By treating again in 7-10 days, it allows us to kill the lice that have hatched from the eggs present during the first treatment that wasn't killed.

Are these over-the-counter products safe? What are the side effects of these medications?

All of these topical agents are safe, but can cause rash, itching and mild burning.

Do I have to keep my child away from school if he/she has lice?

No, your child does not need to miss school because of lice (unless your child's school has a no-nit policy). After using one of the above treatments, your child can return to school the following day.

Do I need to treat my pets too?

No, you do not need to treat your pets.

Can I use these products if I am pregnant?

Some of these products have been studied in pregnancy while others have not. Please speak with a healthcare professional for more information.

Speak to your family doctor or pharmacist to see which lice product will work best for you and/or your child.