Pharmacy Corner
Heartburn: A Burning Sensation What makes heartburn worse?

Heartburn is usually worse when you lie down or have big meal. The table below lists other factors that can make your heartburn worse.2

Heartburn Triggers1,2,7
Certain foodsFatty meals, spicy foods, sweets, acidic foods (i.e. citrus fruits and vinegar) can all cause heartburn.
CaffeineWe are not 100% sure if caffeine makes heartburn worse.1 Caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee may worsen heartburn in some people. Energy drinks should be avoided since they contain large amounts of caffeine, sugar and are usually carbonated.
StressStress plays a big role in heartburn. Lowering your stress can help improve your heartburn. Consider relaxation exercises, meditation or going for long walks.
AlcoholIf you find that alcohol makes your heartburn worse, consider cutting it down or stop drinking.
SleepSleep helps your body relax and reduces stress.
Cigarette smoking Cigarette smoking can cause and worsen heartburn. If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health

Medications may also worsen heartburn. Pain medications such as ibuprofen are one example. Speak to your pharmacist to see if any of your medication or vitamins could be causing your heartburn.