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Fancy Feet: Caring for Plantar Warts, Athlete’s Foot and Fungal Toenail Infections Athlete’s Foot: Treatments
Athlete’s Foot 3

What treatments are available?

There are non-medication strategies to help with your athlete’s foot2,3:

  • Use an absorbent powder (e.g. talcum powder) on your feet to decrease sweating
  • Maintain good foot hygiene
    • Wash and thoroughly dry your feet daily
    • Change your socks and shoes regularly, especially if your feet sweat

There are options that are available over-the-counter2,3:

  • Antifungal agents: clotrimazole 1% (Canesten®), miconazole 2% (Micatin®), tolnaftate 1% (Tinactin®)
    • Antifungal agent that stops the fungus from growing
    • Applied to the affected areas once to twice daily
    • Certain products are available as a cream, ointment, powder, solution or spray
    • Side effects: skin irritation, redness, burning sensation, rash

Your symptoms should start to improve within a few days of starting treatment.



Ask your doctor or pharmacist about which product would work best for you.