Pharmacy Corner
Diaper Rash: A Pain in the Bum! When to see the doctor

When should I see my doctor about my baby’s diaper rash2,6?

  • If your baby has a fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or more
  • If the rash does not go away after 3 days of treatment
  • If there is pus or blisters
  • If the rash comes back frequently
  • If your baby has another infection at the time of diaper rash
  • If you notice a big difference in your baby’s sleep patterns or their behaviour.
  • If your baby has a weakened immune system

If you are at all worried about the rash, call your doctor! It’s always better to play it safe when it comes to taking care of your baby.

What does a yeast infection diaper rash look like?

With some diaper rashes, there could also be a yeast infection. Rashes caused by a yeast infection usually have the following1:

  • Redness mainly in the creases or skin folds, where the edges of the diaper sit, and it extends outward
  • There are large beefy red spots, larger than the red spots from regular diaper rash
  • Has red areas away from the main rash. These look like “satellites” to the main areas of redness
  • May have breaks in the skin
  • Is often painful – your baby may cry more when touched or when urinating or having a bowel movement

Yeast infection rashes are more likely to happen if your baby has recently been on an antibiotic, has diarrhea, or oral thrush (oral candida infection)6.