Pharmacy Corner
Diaper Rash: A Pain in the Bum! Products to avoid

What diaper products should I avoid?

Powders: Do not use baking soda, baby powder or talc1–6. Sometimes these can be inhaled by your baby, and may cause serious breathing problems1.

Other creams: Certain products or their ingredients available at the pharmacy can make your baby’s rash worse2,4: This table lists the most common examples:

IngredientCommon products that contain
AlcoholMany moisturizers, Aloe Vera
CamphorVicks VapoRub®
Antihistamine creamBenadryl® Cream

Natural Health Products: Herbal products come with little to no instruction and many times their purity is not as reliable as some of the other diaper creams4. We don’t know if some of these products may end up being toxic to your baby2,4. Unless advised by your doctor or pharmacist, it is best to avoid using any natural health products on your baby.

There are other products at the pharmacy I can buy for a bad rash, when should I buy these?

Only choose preparations other than zinc oxide or petroleum if you have a recommendation from your doctor. Some rashes need anti-fungal treatment or steroids to help them go away, but this should only be done with advice from a doctor who has seen your baby’s rash.