Pharmacy Corner
Diaper Rash: A Pain in the Bum! Prevention

How do I prevent diaper rash?

Preventing diaper rash is as easy as ABCD1,5:

A – Air: Leave your baby’s bottom open to air to dry out the area and preventing it from coming into contact with urine and stool!

B – Barrier: unscented barrier diaper cream (see available options in Canada) after washing

C – Cleaning the area: With warm water, mild baby soap and a cloth. Or use unscented, alcohol free diaper wipes.

D – Diaper: Change the diaper often! Especially if your baby has diarrhea

What is the best way to wash my baby’s bottom?

Clean the area gently with warm water and a soft cloth or cotton balls. It is important to dry the bum by gently patting with a towel and not rubbing1.

If you are using disposable wipes, choose an alcohol free, unscented wipe. However, if your baby’s skin becomes dry and flaky or broken down, it is better to use just mild soap and water and rinse well2,4.