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Diabetes: self-monitoring blood glucose & things to watch out for Diabetes nerve problems (cont.)

How can I prevent getting diabetic nerve damage?

There are a few “risk factors” to getting diabetic nerve damage and with proper lifestyle changes your risk of getting it are much lower.


Tip: A risk factor is a something that increases your chances of getting certain diseases, disorders, or conditions. Some risk factors we can change such as your lifestyle, while others you cannot change such as your sex or age.

Below is a list of risk factors for diabetic nerve damage and some things you can do to reduce your risk2,3:

List 1. Common risk factors for diabetic nerve problems.

list of risk factors

Point: You will see these specific risk factors come up again and again. Controlling your blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, keeping a healthy body weight, and not smoking are some of the BEST things you can do for yourself and for controlling your diabetes as well as preventing the unwanted effects of diabetes.


Tip: Not sure where to start with lifestyle changes? You can find recommendations on exercising and eating for managing your diabetes on the Canadian Diabetes Association website.