Pharmacy Corner
Diabetes: self-monitoring blood glucose & things to watch out for Diabetic Eye Problems (cont.)

What type of symptoms would I notice or should I look out for?

The most common symptom to look out for is any change in your vision. Table 4 describes changes in vision that you might notice.2,3

Table 4. Common changes in vision with diabetic retinopathy.
Changes in vision commonly associated with diabetic retinopathy
  • Blurred vision
  • Flashes of light
  • Sudden, temporary loss of vision
  • Blotches or spots in vision

If you notice any changes in your vision, you should immediately contact your optometrist or family doctor.

My vision is very important to me! What can I do to lower my chances of getting diabetic retinopathy?

Let’s revisit List 1.

The same things you can to reduce your risk of getting nerve damage, you can do to reduce your risk of getting eye damage! When you have diabetes you should also schedule routine eye examinations with your optometrist at least once a year. When noticed early, treatment is available!


Point: Follow up with your eye specialist at least once a year, to make sure any damage to your eyes is noticed and caught early!