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Diabetes: self-monitoring blood glucose & things to watch out for Additional help

This is a lot for me to remember! Is there additional help I can get?

Besides talking to your family doctor and pharmacist regularly, you can always ask for a referral to a diabetes clinic. These clinics specialize in diabetes care and are here to help you with taking control of your diabetes! They have all the resources and knowledge necessary to help better manage your diabetes and guide you in the proper self-management of your diabetes.

They are also a great place to establish a diabetes care team!

What is a diabetes care team?

It is important to establish a diabetes care team for yourself, especially if you feel overwhelmed with the management of your diabetes.

Diabetes care teams are usually made up of a few healthcare professionals including your family doctor, your endocrinologist (if you have one), your pharmacist, your dietitian, and your nurse or nurse practitioner.2 This is the team that is going to help you with managing your diabetes.

Get to know your team and feel comfortable with sharing information with them, but also feel free to ask them questions when you need to! The most important thing to remember about a diabetes care team is that YOU are at the centre of your team!