Pharmacy Corner
Colic and Teething: Irritable, crying, fussy baby and it’s not a fever! Colic - Referral to Doctor

5. When should I take my baby with colic to my doctor?

See the doctor if1:

Your baby:

  • Has a fever (38°C or higher; 100.4°F or higher)
  • Is less than 2 weeks and more than 16 weeks old
  • Is losing weight or vomiting continuously
  • Has changes in stool or urination
  • Cries for ≥ 3 hours without stopping
  • Has difficulty breathing
  • Has signs of dehydration:
    • tearless crying
    • reduced urination to less than 4 wet diapers/day
    • sunken eyes
    • dry skin and mouth
Referral to Doctor

See the doctor if you1:

  • Are stressed and/or worried about hurting the baby

  • Tried for > 3 days to soothe the baby but nothing seems to work