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Colic and Teething: Irritable, crying, fussy baby and it’s not a fever! Colic - Causes and Risk Factors
Crying baby

3. What causes it?

We don’t know the exact cause of colic. Some potential causes are listed below1,3

  • Gas
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • Immature nervous system
  • Milk /dairy or food allergy
  • Improper feeding
  • Improper feeding technique (for example failing to latch properly to the breast)
  • Smoking in the home
  • Anxiety and stress in the mother

4. Why is my baby getting colic?

Not every baby will have colic. Some things increase your baby’s risk:

  • A baby who is 2-16 weeks old1
  • A mother who smokes1,4,5
  • A first-born child has a higher risk6

The following do NOT increase the risk of colic in your baby1,6:

  • Type of feeding: formula-fed vs. breast-fed
  • Gender of your baby
  • Genetics
  • Birth weight of your baby
  • Type of delivery (e.g. vaginal versus c-section)
  • Mother’s age at birth