Pharmacy Corner
When Every Breath Matters: Asthma in Children Why does my child need 2 puffers?

Most people with asthma cannot control their asthma symptoms with one puffer alone. It is common to have 2 different puffers.

Puffers can generally be separated into 2 groups:

  • Reliever puffer
  • Preventer puffer
Reliever (blue puffer)Controller
What is it used for?
  • Treat asthma symptoms
  • Prevent asthma symptoms
What is in the medication?
  • A drug called “beta-agonist”
  • A drug called “Corticosteroid” and sometimes others
When should it be used?
  • When asthma symptoms happen
  • Regularly - every day as prescribed by the doctor
Common examples
  • Ventolin®
  • Bricanyl®
  • Flovent®
  • Pulmicort®
  • Alvesco®
  • Qvar®