Pharmacy Corner
When Every Breath Matters: Asthma in Children Are steroid puffers dangerous?

The word ‘steroid’ can be terrifying to some parents. However, it is important to know that ‘corticosteroids’ are different from the ‘steroid’ used illegally in sports. Corticosteroids are a group of medicines that are used every day for asthma, allergies, itchy skin conditions, and more.

As with all medicine, there are some side effects that may or may not happen. Possible side effects include5:

  • Mild yeast infection in the mouth
  • Croaky/rough voice
  • Sore throat

You can reduce the risk of side effects by:

  • Rinsing the mouth with water after using medication
  • Using a spacer with MDI inhaler

If your child is experiencing any discomforting side effects or you have any concerns about your child’s inhalers, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Never stop your child’s inhalers without talking to your doctor or pharmacist. Stopping the inhalers can lead to an asthma attack.