Pharmacy Corner
All About Gout Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cure for gout?10

There is no cure for gout, but it is manageable with medications to treat and/or prevent attacks.10

Do I have to take allopurinol every day? Can I just take it during an attack?10

Allopurinol is taken on a daily basis in order to prevent an attack. An additional medication is used to treat symptoms during an attack (i.e. pain and swelling).

I was started on allopurinol and I got a gout attack. Is this normal?

Gout flares can occur when starting on allopurinol.11 If this happens to you, stay on the allopurinol and let your doctor know about the attack.11 If you have an attack right before starting allopurinol, wait until the attack clears before initiating therapy.

I heard Vitamin C to can treat gout attacks and prevent them?

There is not enough evidence to show that vitamin C works for gout.7

I heard cherries or cherry juice can be used to treat attacks?

Cherries and cherry juice may help, but they are not strong enough to prevent an attack or treat the pain from an attack.10

Fruits have fructose. Can I not eat fruits?

You can still eat fruits. Some fruits have more fructose than others and should be eaten in moderation, meaning limited to one-two cups per day.1 Fruits that are considered to be high in fructose include: apples, cherries dates, grapes, peaches, pears, plums and prunes.1 It is important to note that sweetened foods and beverages are the major sources of fructose that should be avoided.