The Importance of Prostate Cancer Testing: Know Your Number
What are the Current Recommendations for Prostate Cancer Testing (Who, When, How)? Canadian Urological Association Guidelines

CUA Guidelines

Apart from the Prostate Cancer Canada recommendations, your doctor may also follow the recommendations written in the Canadian Urologic Association (CUA) guidelines for prostate cancer screening (2011). In this document, the authors recommend that PSA testing begin after age 50 among individuals with at least a 10-year life expectancy.13 The CUA does also state that “There may be benefit in offering a baseline PSA for men 40 to 49 years of age to establish future prostate cancer risk.”

In terms of how often you need to be tested, there is no strong recommendation in the CUA guidelines. The authors recognized that one test per year is the most common frequency, but they also state that testing every two to four years may be adequate.13

For the decision of when to stop testing, the CUA guidelines state that “Strong consideration should be given to discontinuing PSA screening for Canadian men over 75 years of age.”13