Sports-related Concussion: When medicine and sport meet head on
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Recently, schools have become more open to working with concussed athletes and their families. Many now have education experts who are knowledgeable about concussion. Experts believe it is of similar importance to CPR training.

Ontario’s Education Minister, Laurel Broten and Health Minister Deb Matthews have introduced Bill 39 which is aimed at improving the detection and management of concussion both inside and outside the school.

“Everyone — students, parents, teachers, coaches and volunteers — has a role to play to help prevent and manage concussions. To ensure our students succeed, we all need to be aware of how to prevent and identify a possible concussion.”
— Laurel Broten, Minister of Education

How concussion legislation impacts physicians and their communities:

More school-aged children and adolescents thought to have a concussion will be referred to doctors for a professional diagnosis and progress monitoring under the Return to Play and Return to Learn Guidelines. As only a doctor can clear a patient to move from step 4 to 5, schools will be asking them to provide written permission.

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Bill 39, Education Amendment Act (Concussions), 2012

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