Sports-related Concussion: When medicine and sport meet head on
Identifying the Types of Concussions The Role of Computerized Baseline Testing
Computerized testing

Computerized baseline testing shows how well the brain is working but is not a stand-alone tool for diagnosing a concussion. But with other clinical data it can help doctors track recovery and make management decisions. If used and interpreted properly, baseline testing can add important information to the evaluation process.

More information is available to parents, coaches and athletes through injury prevention programs such as CDC and ThinkFirst. As well, provinces in Canada are considering making concussion education mandatory in schools. This type of concussion legislation, which also includes certain aspects of management, is already present in the majority of states in the USA. It’s important that with this growth of information there is a growth of understanding. Physicians take the lead in the return to play decisions, as set out in the Return to Play Guidelines.12 Physicians also play an important role in the Return to Learn process for children and adolescents.